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Ensuring your rights are protected and understanding your legal options is vital when dealing with legal matters. Attorney Lane provides comprehensive support, whether you need help with bankruptcy, family law, workers’ compensation, or other legal challenges. With over 26 years of experience in handling divorce, family law, and injury cases, Attorney Lane is committed to delivering excellent legal services in Winston-Salem Township, NC, and nearby areas. For expert advice from an experienced lawyer, consider reaching out for a no-charge initial consultation.

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Understanding the legal system can be challenging. Attorney Lane strives to make this process more accessible for you.


You can count on Attorney Lane for guidance in areas such as:


  • Bankruptcy: When debt becomes unmanageable, bankruptcy might be the solution. Specializing in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, Attorney Lane will help you navigate your financial situation and decide the best course of action.
  • Family Law: Dealing with family law issues like divorce, legal separation, and asset distribution can be complex. An experienced lawyer can guide you through your case and alleviate stress.
  • Personal Injury Cases: If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, leading to financial, emotional, or physical suffering, you are entitled to compensation. Working with an attorney can strengthen your claim.
  • Civil Litigation: Attorney Lane is prepared to defend your rights and provide expert legal advice in all non-criminal legal disputes.

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When you need reliable legal advice, consulting with a lawyer can offer peace of mind. Attorney Lane is adept at handling a variety of concerns, from legal separations to slip and fall accidents. Dedicated to each case, he ensures top-notch client service in Winston-Salem Township, NC.

We offer flat fees for bankruptcy proceedings; call today to learn more.

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We offer flat fees for bankruptcy proceedings; call today to learn more
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